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Drug Testing

Drug Testing

We offer on-site drug and alcohol testing. Performing collections at your place of business offers these additional benefits:

• Reduced employee downtime: Eliminates travel time and expenses. Also reduces employee wait times.

• Less opportunity for subversion of the drug testing process: Prevents employees from stopping en route to a collection site to get clean urine or adulterants, and also from over- hydrating beforehand in an attempt to dilute their specimen.

• Bulk testing: On-site testing allows for all employees to be tested at once.

• Immediate Scheduling: Trained collectors are readily available to test at your location within 24-48 hours notification.

Types of testing we offer:

  • Instant Drug Screening

  • DOT

  • Non-Federal

  • Breath Alcohol

  • Oral Fluid

Drug/Alcohol tests that we perform:

  • Pre-employment

  • Random

  • Reasonable SuspicionCause

  • Post Accident

  • Return to Duty

  • Follow-up


Background Checks

Hiring new employees brings new risk. Businesses relying on automated services for background checks risk missing the red flags that a background check analyst’s thorough review may uncover.

Our experienced investigative staff surveys criminal and civil records, verifies professional and educational qualifications and provides context and background to a potential new hire’s personal history. The results of our research are then compiled into a “prospect portrait” that enables you to assess a candidate’s qualifications, evaluate any potential red flags and make better hiring decisions.

Backgound Checks
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