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What Constellium Has Said About Our Team!

“Our Plant Protection Team is vital to our operation. They keep things moving in and out of the plant and monitor our key systems on a normal day. Then there are days they become our protectors in providing fire and emergency services, as well as security. They are absolutely critical to maintaining our ability to serve our customers and keep us safe and secure. I thank them for all they do.”

A glowing reference from Ravenswood CEO Buddy Stemple for a team of 20 fire and safety experts whose job is to protect over 1,100 employees producing plate, sheet, and coil products for aerospace, defense, transportation, marine, and other industrial uses across our 514-acre (about 2,080,000 m²) site in West Virginia, USA.

A Range of Experiences!

The team, including two women, comprises various ages, backgrounds, and experiences. They are all qualified firefighters and certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), including three fully qualified Paramedics. Teams are split across four shifts, each containing five employees working 12 hours at a time.

Older team members bring skills and experience based on years of working at Constellium or other organizations, while younger members might join with career progression in mind. "We would prefer people to stay with us," John explains, "but the variety of things we do here provides a good stepping stone for them to go on to other things. If someone wants to better themselves and even join the armed forces, then we won't stand in their way," explains John.

However, a vital issue is recruitment. "All over the country, and especially in rural areas, we are having trouble getting certified firefighters and paramedics to come here. There doesn't seem to be an interest in doing these jobs anymore. So, it is a problem for both us and the local volunteer fire departments."

"I am really proud that we play such an important role at the site and help Constellium produce the products that we do!"

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