Hospital Security

Cramer Security applies a security program to fit the individual needs of each facility because no two security programs are the same.

We focus on working with your team to incorporate a security program that is proactive rather than reactive. We have an in-depth and thorough understanding of what it takes to secure patients, visitors, students, and staff. We achieve these objectives by completing a thorough facility and campus assessment to identify threats and vulnerabilities and apply mitigations to risk. This approach establishes a great foundation to build a security program upon.


School Security

In light of the numerous violent attacks that have occurred in our country’s schools, it can be a daunting task evaluating the quality of school safety programs and the consultants who provide school security advice. 

Our School Emergency Planning services can help your school evaluate the current life safety standards at your school and make recommendations on how to improve incident response and recovery. We can assist you with developing crisis response plans, establishing crisis response teams, designing access control solutions, and more.

Construction Site

Industrial Security

Cramer Security & Investigations security services range from individual site surveys through turnkey design and installation oversight for sophisticated systems.

Our workplace and factory security design services utilize a methodical and benchmarked approach that results in practical recommendations based on a thorough cost benefit analysis that takes into account what is “viable” given senior management buy-in, the operating environment and corporate culture.


Physical and Roving

Cramer security physical and roving.jpg

Cramer Security & Investigations, Inc. will assist in optimizing your natural property barriers to prevent or channel people and vehicles into defined areas. Monitoring well-placed security cameras will allow us to be proactive by denying or limiting who approaches your buildings and property. Roving Security Officers are one of the strongest visual deterrents available. Randomized patrols are especially effective when a potential intruder is casing a building and searching for weaknesses in the security strategy. Our roving Security Officers perform inspections to look for any signs of disruption or risks. We also use marked and unmarked security patrol vehicles to provide us with the ability to rapidly respond to security situations.