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Cramer Security & Investigations, Inc. has over 150 years of combined Law Enforcement experience among our collective management team. Our company employs some of the best investigators in the industry with a documented history of providing results. Our investigators have secured millions of dollars in assets back to our clients, securing their return on investment several times over.

Cramer Security is also experienced in handling the most complex investigations and intelligence gathering operations. All assignments are conducted with the highest degree of confidentiality by a licensed private investigator.

Our agents perform a variety of investigative services to obtain just about any information you may think of on any person or business. They are former law enforcement officers, federal agents, who have received formal training in their respective field of expertise and are trained to identify, collect, analyze evidence, conduct interviews and take sworn statements.

Private Investigations

Privte Investigations
Insurance Fraud

Insurance Fraud

An experienced insurance fraud investigator can help your organization stop and prevent dishonest claimants. When companies hire Cramer Security & Investigations, Inc., they’ll have an experienced individual researching a suspected fraud situation. In most cases, one of our professional insurance fraud investigators is able to make a determination quickly. Also, our team of experts knows how to gather evidence that will hold up in court.

Often, people who commit insurance fraud have a history of acquiring funds through such means. Stopping them helps our country’s upstanding citizens, insurance companies, and businesses. By investigating insurance claims that appear to be fraudulent, insurers may recoup thousands of dollars per claim and save millions of dollars every year.

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